Interwoollabs strives to ensure that all of its members reach the highest standards of testing accuracy, and achieve the prestigious INTERWOOLLABS Calibration Stamp and Certificate.

A major benefit to each member is that they can benchmark their laboratory’s measurement performance against other laboratories doing the same test twice each year (Round Trials). This ensures that performance is continually monitored and improved and the highest standards are achieved to maintain Calibration.

Each member receives a full report for each programme which it participates in. There are separate programmes for Air-Flow, Microprojection, Laserscan, O.F.D.A and Almeter.  The report shows how each laboratory’s result compares to other laboratories, as well as the global average. An example of our test reports can be viewed on our website. The member’s identity is only known to the Secretariat, hence ensuring the anonymity of all participating laboratories.

INTERWOOLLABS prides itself on providing professional and efficient support to all members taking part in our Round Trials. The prestige associated with Interwoollabs’ Calibration within the industry is something that we take great pride in.

We provide detailed evaluation of performance, and strive to ensure accurate results are achieved and maintained by providing continual support and technical expertise to our members.

At the beginning of each year, each member receives 1 full set of 9 x 100g IH Standard Tops for calibration purposes. This is included in the Annual Subscription fee.

In recognition of the contribution to calculating the assigned values for Calibration Tops members can purchase additional sets of Calibration Tops at a substantially discounted price compared to the price charged to non-members.

In addition, members receive free of charge an electronic copy of the Test Method(s) relevant to the Programme(s) in which they participate.  When IWTO updates the Test Methods, they provide the Secretariat of INTERWOOLLABS with a new copy which the Secretariat distributes to the relevant laboratories.

At the start of each year

Interwoollabs provides Calibrated members with an Calibration Stamp and Certificate. These are issued after the successful participation in the Round Trials to document the high standards of our laboratories.

Interwoollabs has also developed an EXCEL programme for calibrating the Airflow apparatus in accordance with the IWTO Test Method.

We also provide verification for the Airflow Calibration calculations. This is all provided free of charge to members.

Key Interwoollabs Values

  • Technically - To have a correct basis for the next production steps, i.e. calculating count from micron precisely and ensure quality through information and testing standards which are provided free of charge to all members.
  • Commercially - As a basis to determine the accurate value of the raw material and operate professionally with integrity.
  • International Trading/Export business - To help avoid conflicts with custom tariffs, which are set on a micron basis and meeting L/C conditions
  • Arbitration - settling claims and disputes

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